Thursday, December 15, 2011

Right-Handedness (addendum to "I need a doctor for this one")

Most of the population lives in the Northern Hemisphere. That's why the world is ethno-centric in saying that the North Pole is upright (when it could very easily as well but reverse - duality of universe)

So, when 1 pop meets a smaller one (90% right-handers).

But WHY Right-Handed for Northern Hemisphere?

Sun rays come from south. There's a disadvantage of hunting or facing an opponent against the sun so northerners need to be able to throw farther a rock or spear. So, by Coriolis effect (prevailing winds), if you throw right, the spinning of earth is on your side.


  • A chimp throws at 20mph, humans at 60mph.

  • Chimps are 66% right-handed compared to humans: 90%

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