Thursday, December 15, 2011

As the fugees sang: "If I rule the world"...

Let me say this. If Obama had the Internet or Housing, well.. (I almost agree with Mattathias Schwartz on '92 as the start of a dearth of Leadership - what of Herbert Bush?)

1) Overall Finance Czar (appointed by Pres so Can be diluted if wished)
2) Tax Rich (revoke W. Bush era cuts)
a) publicize those rich that voluntarily give back
3) Infrastructure program
4) Investigate banks - but allow derivatives
5) Mortgage fix - let banks lose 10-15%
6) Laws to record housing signings/loan agreements
7) State by State staggered healthcare
8) Buffalos in IOWA
9) National Gas Pittsburgh/WV
9a) Ask Chrysler to convert to convert Eagle to nat gas division (marketing jobs)
10) National Gas heat for the Northern states
11) Solar incentives only for South & Desert states (save $ of eco-incentives)
12) Sugar cane incentives for Louisiana
13) State-level community boards
14) Encourage Derivative - financial instruments to compete with world
15) 3-month Middle-Term tax code revision
16) Replace old dams (in KY, ie) with fish farming system
17) aqueduct system on Appalachia
18) Wind incentives in OK and ND
19) High-speed rail in MidWest
20) Nuclear in CA/FL (Hills/pump out water - global warming)
21) Increase Donation Limit
22) Allow off-shore oil drilling (but tax-break goes to relief fund)
23) sponsor 3-story homes
24) US buy homes (big ones) - pay to keep in restorable/hibernated state
25) dashboard/scale of Tarp $
26) Have canada/mexico as field hospital
27) natural gas plan with Canada/oil
28) natural gas pipeline thru Canada to Europe

1) Medicare - Will - Death or let oldest child decide (no objections)
2) social security - tell old they get $, let young know they will get shelfed
3) medicaid - see healthcare

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