Saturday, December 29, 2012

Puppy Mill Solution

TBA. A continuation to

Why are there meat-eaters. (not a ?)


The Dilemma of the Prophecists Obfusication


Monday, November 5, 2012

Ugly space underneath the FDR south of the Seaport

Lower manhattan seriously needs to make a 15-foot dike underneath the FDR (will fit); will keep subway stations around Wall Street from flooding. Cheap compared to losts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Only time "every thing happens for a reason" is acceptable

To be or not to be

"It is what it is" is acceptable when that's an acceptable state. Sure, experiencing "it" is the "why"... BUT if what u are experiencing sucks, there's an existentialism of moving on up to another plane of existence! A BETTER one!

so, "it is what it is" w.o a "2-level why" is a defeatist explanation!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If Facebook doesn't do Search

So what is Groupon really? It's a place for bad small businesses to offer 50% off discounts.

How does Google take advantage? By undercutting Grpn's prices: Goog has 2 revenue streams!

Eventually, it will buy Grpn.

Now, take Fb: soon it will run out of the 16 billion investment and Google will buy them up just like they will Grpn.

The End.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The courage of Elon Musk

instead of incessantly repeating itself (goog still just search, fb just social network - after all their changes)

Elon Musk has the bravery to attempt entirely new things:

paypal > tesla > space x

I admire Elon Musk's courage!

binoculars & monitors (the same specs)

*This may need some tweaking

5*40 binocular (5x zoom & 40/5 = 8mm girth)
1280 * 1024 by 17" screen

1) zoom (5x) == resolution (1280*1024)
2) pupil diameter (40mm implicit) == screen diagonal (17" diag)

efficiency in fitting demand & supply

Do you think there's more ppl than jobs or more jobs (things to accomplish in human feats) than there are ppl in the world (universe) to do?

This efficiency question plays into Einstein's quote (that imagination is more important than knowledge). & related to this query: are all those nations that invest in mathematical prowess in a significant portion of their population over-investing? Could it be better used in isolating these mathletes and working to perfect their skill?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why there is no css positioning support in gmail & outlook

I never read the heavy or technically convoluted explanations of how ms office 2010 ended outlook support for divs.

But here's where I think support ended from a more business perspective:

An email is essentially just a "push" message; the same inheritance of SMS texts or social posts. So, essentially it's fundamentally core to the act of communication. During this evolving phase, implementors have attempted to inject more sophistication into the art. One way is that they attempted to just push entire web sites into your email, etc.

That's good or bad, depending on potentially nefarious intentions, etc.

Anyway, Microsoft wanted a part of the action. Their claim to fame is the OS + Office. So, if the future of communication is via [divs] or html standards; well they can't have it. Microsoft's goal is to allow it's .doc files to be easily converted into email content. [thus, they removed css-positioning from their outlook msg clients]

So, how does this explain Gmail's lack of support?
Gmail also had it's complement of gdoc ecosystems that would be negated if the sophistication can be done elsewhere. (aka the plethora of html txt editors) - & they become just another delivery agent.

in-built webpage editors (make the panel big! or Fail!)

a web-based content management system w.o a full editor (aka, toolbar/full-screen) is doomed for failure.

1) not meant for editing - just cutting-n-pasting
2) if just cut-n-paste, why not just have a file input control (since all editing done in outside txt NotePads anyway)
3) hard to integrate a full hierarchical reference support to code
    a) can just do a namespacing system via a single separator-delimited breadcrumb but there's disadvantages to a full-fledge system of relationships between a series of names (aka, hierarchical tree of names)
    b) reason is that naming conventions go with new users. They get lazy in re-iterating the same prefixes so the structure is broken and no longer used. So, variations in names are introduced and the hierarchy is weakened for more stylish language elements (and the confusion it introduces)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 Paths to Work

basically, there's 3 ways: (long hours each way)

1) motivational good work, less pay (apple US workers)
2) low pay, promise of big riches (Zynga? maybe)
3) high pay, promise of moderate riches (lawyers, doctors)

Choose, choose wisely (aka Indiana Jones)


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1 way for facebook to be as rich as Google

I haven't read the $7.50 price for fb articles so maybe i'm wrong:

One way for fb to make $ alike to the goog model is to "activate" key subject/nouns on users' posts. If a friend clicks on the link, the fb social network context transforms into an "indirect" search context much alike Google's search model. Ads can appear innocuously on the side. coloring scheme soft, almost not there.

This actually works better than the 2ndary model of putting up ads based on user's likes/dislikes. That's because the user initiates the inquiry rather than facebook intrusively putting up your hobbies/passions (because even though the interest is indicated, timing may *not be right). [the creepiness quotient is diminished]

This is why you should buy FB at 50 billion (or whatever they eventually agree on!)

Friday, May 25, 2012

anyone sailing this Memorial Weekend, career prospects!

and can we relate it imaginatively to fish ranching!..

*obligatory albert einstein quote on imagination: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
 here's the German co. trying to make it happen: certainly viable for the Chinese:

Buildings for cows

ok, hear me out.

Ppl like the idea of free-range cattle. But it's expensive to hire ranchers (aka, other stuff - but marlboro man jobs!!).

Anyway, if we have simple multi-floor warehouses for cattle to run around (giant ramps).... plants can grow (*not via hydroponics - bc there will be soil, just artificial light) for feed.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Only think when there's nothing to think about? (already figured out)

ok, the statement above/below is 2-sided, sue me.
When the economy is going nowhere, don't build lives on thinking.. (think) and then act on the best course.

When economy is good, we can afford to think about trivial things..

I agree with Krugman; &add, we should focus on action items of higher material impact than political aspirations of the right & wrong of which group of individuals should be proportioned a slice.
a) Growth (ie. internet boom '95-'01, security '01-'05, housing boom '03-'07)
b) Stagnation (economic shifting '07-'12)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How can JL match up to the Avengers?

The match-ups are all wrong?

Iron Man -------------------------- Flash?
Thor ------------------------------- SuperMan/Green Lantern
Hulk ------------------------------- Aquaman?
Captain America ---------------- Wonder Woman
Black Widow -------------------- Bat Girl
Hawkeye ------------------------- BatMan

Friday, May 11, 2012

Maybe for some a common mistake with domain level categorization

A top-level domain is ".com"
A second-level domain is "yahoo"
"www" is a gateway name to the network named yahoo : either a server or network node I presume.

I wonder if many ppl mistaken the top-level as 2nd? >

So, would you like to buy a top-level domain; ".beer" or a second-level domain; ""

Disclaimer: I do *not own either of these domains!

What's in a Name? Checking Out in cvs/svn Vs git

In cvs/svn, "checking out" means getting a copy of the code/content with the intention of modifying later. (as opposed to "export"). The source is a version control repository.

In git, "checking out" means orienting a working directory (*not necessarily same as the workspace dir) to a repository branch. I believe either a branch needs to be created first or if master, a pull done 1st.

The key is which rcs best uses the correct verbiage at which point:
Imho, I choose git because it reminds me most of a physical library "checkout". Usually, there's only 1 copy of a book, & checking out means another person can't have it. [no, not private locks!]
I'm subjectively partial for the latter. :-}

- the semantic that makes the diff is that cvs/svn calls fabricating a book a "checkout" while git applies "checkout" at a later stage; binding a "book" to a workingDir: assuming u have just 1 workingDir.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I like Canada Dry (the air and the ginger ale)

Desert dry is too dry, it's like dries up all your skin.
Humid air is too wet.
Canadian High is perfect in the middle.

Friday, May 4, 2012

theories on Google Offers lead (as of May 2, 2012)

It appears most of the local deals offers are coming from Google lately. Groupon appears second, while LivingSocial is either a distinct 3rd or non-existent.

1) Google is undercutting Groupon's charges on small merchants. Goog has deep pockets.

2) Google sees Offers in bringing more traffic to Goog in general. Ads make more $. Goog has side products [search, maps, youtube, gmail]. Groupon does *not.

3) Amzn is *not encouraging LS bc there's not as much synergy on that 2 businesses: if customers spend $ on local deals, less on amzn. [for Goog, local deals may take away current $ from wallet, but ads may benefit later phase and it's just ideas - advertisers must ascertain that Offers takes away spending power with the increased traffic]

it's been 7 years since I heard "America needs to make TVs"

oh gosh, the supposed importance of america losing the television industry is so 80's! I hope this has changed.

Of course manufacturing is important to the US, but who cares if toasters are made here?? We just need to make sure that our weapons, sensitive equipment, medical, etc are still internal capable. If China stops selling us toasters, oh well, we can scrounge around enough in eBay. Now if we can't get commercial airliners from China, then we can't take trips to Europe.

The 5 categories still in US. (you may have a different perspective or naming categorization but..)
1) Gov't
2) Natural Resources/Farming
3) Services/Medical/Pop-Culture
4) Information-Based Knowledge
5) Key-Level Manufacturing

Note: each category not equally proportioned.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

the Simplicity of noSql

A common stated cause is that noSql is faster than Sql bc it's in memory. From a practical viewpoint, this appears to be the main cause.

But, let's talk theoretical: why can't we put an entire relational db in memory

[It sounds to me that the real cause of the performance of noSql is that it uses a simplified set of instructions/that developers have figured out that's all it's needed for that application, thus allowing it to be placed mainly in volatile memory]

Monday, April 23, 2012

De-emphasize youth in Cats & Dogs

I dislike the guilt trip whenever Sarah Mclachan comes on. So, I tried to figure out how we as a society can eradicate this euthanasia (like hunger, like poverty, etc) & still fulfill the love of puppies/kitties, etc.

- Senior citizens (human) may be good recipients of older pets (less active, etc)
- Problem may be that older animals need more healthcare.
- some older pets have developed behavioral problems (as part of life experiences)

Maybe we can tax the adoption of animals <(less than) 1 year old. The tax goes into the healthcare of senior animals. For the misbehaving creatures, we can start schools where "handlers"(aka humans) and the "handled"(aka pets) go to train each other. After the session, the handler returns home to their pet better at discipline and the "handled" is ready for adoption. Then there's always the social security benefits to seniors (which can be used for senior pet programs) - but we won't talk about it here :-} *only issue now is how to deal with medium age pets (1 to 7 years old?) - guess more SM commercials..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Emotion is the only thing that separates Man vs Machine

yes, machines can perceive patterns as well as organic life forms.

I want to convert all those factory workers into creative (emotion-based) knowledge workers..

interesting scientific differences when computers (goog self-drive car) can react in less than a sec in real world situations and *not be able to detect minute sensory differences in chip assembly in iPhones manufacturing. (then again there's a lot more factory workers than bus drivers? - aka - so more jobs)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tie fighter vs X-Wing in solar winds

Given that space is full of energy and particles, i guess akin to waves in an ocean: would it be better to have a craft shaped like a boat/plane (ie. x-wing) or a equilateral sphere (ie. a TIE)? or perhaps at different times?

Note, i did search on the subject and could only find game geek knowledge. I'm trying to ask a legitimate science question.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They laughed at Eugene Parker til they sent probes to measure it

Like probably Columbus, Ben Frank, maybe even Albert Einstein > Eugene said comets reveal clues to lead to an idea of solar winds. Colleagues said he didn't know what he was talking about. They were wrong.

Is this possibly the energy involved in a displacement theory under galactic + universal alignment?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sushi for Idiots

in a reasonable establishment: I never fully grasp the diff, only had inklings
Don't be embarrassed, I hear commentary all the time on espn about how professional sport players sometimes forget the fundamentals of their own game.

1) Hand Roll - fish wrapped by rice - fits in palm of hand (cone-shape)
2) Roll - fish surrounded by circumference of rice - cut into 6 cylinders
3) Sushi - sliver of fish on top, rice bottom (1/2 fish of Roll, same amt rice, ~$3)
4) Sashimi - fish in rectangular prizm, no rice

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why no 10-bit/5-bit computers?

I'm thinking that 8-bit was enough to represent most of the symbols we had and 32*32 was unnecessary. Maybe doing 's'-'o' would !not automatically sync in the human mind? (the proportion of alpha chars would grossly exceed the near-balance in hexadecimal)

Can someone elaborate for me?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Most Probable Doomsday Scenario - very rare

So you probably read all the hoax/debunk sites on 2012:

Well, the less popular option of a super-volcano caldera exploding seems to have been missed (or muted). Perhaps because it's !not pinned to some date (aka 12/21/2012 +- 60 days on each side, etc)

BUT, what if it was? But how is it related to universe alignment you may ask?...

True, scientists have mention that Milky Way galactic alignment with Earth occurs frequently w.o any incident, but OUTSIDE alignment of the MW with another galaxy, or universe. (the infinity principle) - so only aliens would know.

The is 1 Mayan stone missing that may have revealed the actual prophecy. (how convenient).

*So, the summation is that energies derived from an universe alignment unknown to homo sapien technology diverts waves thru the sun which diverts the crust positions of the Earth which weakens the caldera (causing a super-eruption) which wipes out ~1/3 (i guess) of the world, etc

Sticking Points:
1) Why did the aliens !not informed the afro-judeo-christian-muslim-hindu-asian cultures
2) If the prophecy is so bad, why was it located just in 1 stone. Why was it not propagated in multiple messages?

1) the Mayan calendar started in 3114BC around when the Sahara dried up and transformed all ppl to live near the Nile and create the new Egyptian Civilization.
2) they recently found the volcano that they think exploded around ~600 AD which caused the Dark Ages?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can there ever be an open standard social network?

Email - it's open (because spammers can get your "name/address" and send tons of offers to your account.

Social - right now, we have an authoritation (fb/twitter) that filters on a high-level (instead of personal spam filters or pre-formulated block algorithms).

But if social was more like email (open), a spammer can generate a false identity - aka (semore b., ryan private, john smith, john swiss, john jones, etc). Then we would have to do the same thing that we do now, explicitly forced to indicate non-correspondence.

Other abstract/theoretical extreme cases are
1) laissez-faire vs socialist economy
2) evolution vs intelligent design/evolution