Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Definition of Money

Money has macro and micro facets which are both inter-related.

Macro, money is an attempt at representation of the summation of goods/services in the economy, whether current or future.

Micro, money is trust in future goods/services (conveyed thru a medium like a customer giving their "private" credit account # to a store for a good or service)

*If the finance institutions improperly guesstimate currency supply, there's less trust in the money. If the money medium is difficult to use, it affects the economy as a whole.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Constant Human Population Excess Question

The greatest danger from human population growth is the extinction of species; mainly around the rainforests for it's diversity.

The mitigating steps humans can take on it's quest for life quality is:
1) Domicile's in a vertical plane. We can build taller buildings faster than we can birth a new generation.
2) Food production innovation. Grow food in less space by efficiency.
3) Design economic structures where the opportunity index gives more incentive for growing populations to preserve our precious ecosystems, especially subtropical ones.