Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sea Urchins & Occupy Wall Street

OWS just wants an economic structure that allows for decent living saving Sea Urchins rather than toiling in factories made for automated robots or corporate offices draining the spirit of workers. Choose you techno-social leader wisely!

Right-Handedness (addendum to "I need a doctor for this one")

Most of the population lives in the Northern Hemisphere. That's why the world is ethno-centric in saying that the North Pole is upright (when it could very easily as well but reverse - duality of universe)

So, when 1 pop meets a smaller one (90% right-handers).

But WHY Right-Handed for Northern Hemisphere?

Sun rays come from south. There's a disadvantage of hunting or facing an opponent against the sun so northerners need to be able to throw farther a rock or spear. So, by Coriolis effect (prevailing winds), if you throw right, the spinning of earth is on your side.


  • A chimp throws at 20mph, humans at 60mph.

  • Chimps are 66% right-handed compared to humans: 90%

As the fugees sang: "If I rule the world"...

Let me say this. If Obama had the Internet or Housing, well.. (I almost agree with Mattathias Schwartz on '92 as the start of a dearth of Leadership - what of Herbert Bush?)

1) Overall Finance Czar (appointed by Pres so Can be diluted if wished)
2) Tax Rich (revoke W. Bush era cuts)
a) publicize those rich that voluntarily give back
3) Infrastructure program
4) Investigate banks - but allow derivatives
5) Mortgage fix - let banks lose 10-15%
6) Laws to record housing signings/loan agreements
7) State by State staggered healthcare
8) Buffalos in IOWA
9) National Gas Pittsburgh/WV
9a) Ask Chrysler to convert to convert Eagle to nat gas division (marketing jobs)
10) National Gas heat for the Northern states
11) Solar incentives only for South & Desert states (save $ of eco-incentives)
12) Sugar cane incentives for Louisiana
13) State-level community boards
14) Encourage Derivative - financial instruments to compete with world
15) 3-month Middle-Term tax code revision
16) Replace old dams (in KY, ie) with fish farming system
17) aqueduct system on Appalachia
18) Wind incentives in OK and ND
19) High-speed rail in MidWest
20) Nuclear in CA/FL (Hills/pump out water - global warming)
21) Increase Donation Limit
22) Allow off-shore oil drilling (but tax-break goes to relief fund)
23) sponsor 3-story homes
24) US buy homes (big ones) - pay to keep in restorable/hibernated state
25) dashboard/scale of Tarp $
26) Have canada/mexico as field hospital
27) natural gas plan with Canada/oil
28) natural gas pipeline thru Canada to Europe

1) Medicare - Will - Death or let oldest child decide (no objections)
2) social security - tell old they get $, let young know they will get shelfed
3) medicaid - see healthcare

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ask yourself why you deserve to be Trump,...

then look at the homeless man, and ask why he deserves to take your place.

* if you think it's a weird statement, this has implications of donation & rich/poor

would you give up your "entire" house, give the keys to someone on the street, and move yourself onto their spot on the corner of 5th and elm?

I have heard of families giving up 50% (their big house to a small condo, or a millionaire of most of their fortune, but *what of their "future" giving. Of course, if this propagates by example, then it's a fulfillment of "your" life.

The implications is when the 99% ask. Sure, it's only 10k more but x1000 employees, it heavily weighs on any tycoon.

And so what u might say; well - it's about "competition": of 1 billionaire to best their next. And you may say gold fixtures its *trite. NO, it's about LEADERSHIP/CONTROL. [The quality of GOOD Leadership that affects the majority of the citizens] = hint, hint > OWS (there is a reason!)

Just think, if you as middle-class gave up 50+% of your income, would you afford to give your offspring a "sweet 16 right of passage", or the ability to pursue a life of charity, etc. [why should a broken man of maybe *drugs/bad judgement* take your material resources - maybe they *won't do better?!

Tithing (15%) - (look when the spiritual has to meet the realistic!) is a good proportion for *MOST* people. Do you think most ppl will do Better buy feeling good giving over 50% of their income to a homeless when they can do "life" 'BEAUTY' by taking a guitar class and enriching life via their creativity. - but give them a Chance!

So, in a capitalistic economy, is it better to give 100% of your wealth to the lower to see if they create a "holistic" better economy? Or better to create more scientific methods (goods & services) that INCLUDE all? [Scientific vs Emotional]

Both are EMPIRICAL. But we *don't live w.o a *body*. Yes, we need the *spirit* but is there a world w.o a "body"?

Difficult. Give by your Heart!

OT: Personally, I'm *not concern with who's leading, the rich can keep ruling, just find a way to propagate the materialistic living that you enjoy!

Monday, December 5, 2011

"It is what it is" > You're allowed these sayings!

"It is what it is" is an adult version of a teenager's "whatever".

It is what it is = There's a reason for everything = I dunno = Whatever.

*It happens whenever we run out of avenue of explanation and give up. We stop investigating into the infinite way things are. The only "basic" things are

1) to be or *not to be (to exist)
2) why good
3) reason (is the actuality of existence the same as the reason for that actuality?)

So, all the above sayings are valid. Just that realistically, maybe we can dig deeper? Thoughts.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The case against iterating w.o a holistic plan

So, there's a bunch of evidence that in the face of needing to get the job done with *no concept of how; just do it (case in point - writing this article right now)

I agree, that's just bc there's all those fools that procrastinate and let their basic emotions run their avoidance lives. *I probably practice the definition of insanity a bit here too.

Case 1:
I tell u to break down a reinforced concrete wall. You can
a) use your head and keep smashing it on the wall til it collapses
b) take 1 hour out of your way, go to the nearest catepillar store and get a bulldozer

Case 2:
you are 500 ft from finishing a triatholon, your walking muscles fail. U can
a) attempt to stand upright and continue race by expending energy vertically
b) crawl (utilizing energy to fulfill the race track's horizontal requirement)

Otherwise, iterate like hell and learn from your baby steps (like if you didn't have a bulldozer, how minute angles of knocking your head will increase the chip of the wall, etc) - Remember the balance!

Inflection pts require a counter-effort

If you want exponential growth, don't try work so hard. Play/Innovate/Experiment!
If you want linear growth, work smartly; organize, plan, strategize.

Possible Examples:

Linear: Mac, Apple Store
Inflection: putting a hard drive on a music player (iPod)
Linear: iPhone

Inflection: Page Rank, White Page
Moderate/Linear: Gmail (distributed filesystem), Maps (Ajax), Android

Chugging Along: Books via online
Inflection: Goog-like Search + Everything Store
Middle-Ground: Kindle

Inflection: delayed IM/college-kid inspired social inertia
Linear: Facebook API
Middle-Ground: Zynga/Social games

*note: some of these are quite debatable.