Monday, April 23, 2012

De-emphasize youth in Cats & Dogs

I dislike the guilt trip whenever Sarah Mclachan comes on. So, I tried to figure out how we as a society can eradicate this euthanasia (like hunger, like poverty, etc) & still fulfill the love of puppies/kitties, etc.

- Senior citizens (human) may be good recipients of older pets (less active, etc)
- Problem may be that older animals need more healthcare.
- some older pets have developed behavioral problems (as part of life experiences)

Maybe we can tax the adoption of animals <(less than) 1 year old. The tax goes into the healthcare of senior animals. For the misbehaving creatures, we can start schools where "handlers"(aka humans) and the "handled"(aka pets) go to train each other. After the session, the handler returns home to their pet better at discipline and the "handled" is ready for adoption. Then there's always the social security benefits to seniors (which can be used for senior pet programs) - but we won't talk about it here :-} *only issue now is how to deal with medium age pets (1 to 7 years old?) - guess more SM commercials..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Emotion is the only thing that separates Man vs Machine

yes, machines can perceive patterns as well as organic life forms.

I want to convert all those factory workers into creative (emotion-based) knowledge workers..

interesting scientific differences when computers (goog self-drive car) can react in less than a sec in real world situations and *not be able to detect minute sensory differences in chip assembly in iPhones manufacturing. (then again there's a lot more factory workers than bus drivers? - aka - so more jobs)