Thursday, May 27, 2010

An inconclusive bit about eating + stress

Some ppl must eat when stressed and some ppl can't. Does it say how we handle stress? If eating builds energy reserve in those that binge for future defense (meaning those ppl are reactive) vs ppl who can't eat because food is inhibitive of a future fight. Meaning ppl who eat when stressed processed food faster into reserves while those that can't eat, process it too slow or can't store it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Somethings I think I can fly

You see those 20 story residential bldgs with a penthouse on top with a palm tree. Don't you sometimes feel like you can throw a blue racquetball up to the tree? from 2 short city block away.

Why No BlueTooth TV Remotes?


The Myth of an XML being bigger

I suspect the use of that line of thought comes from the fact that that's what properties and xmls are used in practice. Naturally properties are used for configuration entries and xmls used for structural/more hierarchical data.

But if one was to use a property file to emulate structural data:


it would take up more space than (after the 4th line) :


And if the data grows, it's competitive for more space. Stick w. xmls for hierarchical-oriented data even if there's no duplicating namespaces. Given the complexity already, there's a good chance it may go that way.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Exist?

Is the meaning of life the choice of self-consciousness? Given that if God is omnipotent and everything happens for a reason, then "why do it?". Just to play out what is known? or is life only half-predetermined. And the ultimate push is Not the flow of emotions but to know or not to know. Given a choice, would a supreme being choose to go through all that is known (every single interactions of inate atoms, emotion desires, etc). This binary decision filters down to us all and in the end this randomness and unanswerable question is what sets cosmos into a every growing ball of infinity and just all/or nothingness at opposite ends.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Better than a light coffee?

At times a dark coffee is too much, too strong. Poisonous perhaps. Try a half-coffee/half-tea. It's in between. Or even try putting a tea bag into a full cup of coffee

Friday, May 14, 2010

Who should manage the cleanup (for the future)

Right now, it appears that the oil companies themselves run their own clean-up efforts. Sure, for every day they don't fix it, they risk bad reputation and loss of oil. But I don't think that's equal to the environmental disaster and well-being of communities off-shore. So I propose that insurance companies pay for the preparation/training/and hopefully use of operations relating to clean-up to companies managed by 2 entities: 1) The Shore Communities and 2) The Environmentalists. The shore folk will have jurisdiction to prevent oil have reaching shore while the environmentalists manage the waste miles off-shore. During times of preparation, the oil companies would be responsible for paying those 2 entities in training expenses.

Sure, the gov't can do it but they got enough to think about.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conveyor Belt Museum

So this idea is not new. Have u ever felt really tired from going to the museum? You ask yourself, I barely walked 2 day or really slowing at that. How can I be so tired? The answer is that the human body is Not designed for museums. It is built for running at a jogging pace to forage for new food/prey. Walking slow and at sideways direction causes non-evolutionary stress. And the mental energy involved to move our bodies thru other slow sideways bodies as well as mental energy absorbing the artifacts exhaust many.

So, how can we solve this. If ppl can sit down and have the art come to you. Note, this is impractical and will never catch on. It's simply not feasible compared to putting art in a big room and letting voyeurs weave their way thru their imaginations, the art, and other art lovers.

Skechers predicament

How to prevent your body from getting used to those shape-up shoes and thus losing its effect: Always walk unbalanced! Then, your body never acclimates and it's always a workout.

Practically, you can do this by walking dangerously until at the last second, you force your body to catch itself.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

xml vs properties

I once had a colleague that told me that a properties file can do 97% of what an xml file does. Sure xml files have attributes (like leaves of a branch) but an xml source by the name of w3schools recommends only use of attributes as meta-data to describe the xml tag itself: for instance, the "id" attr.

So, I suppose the extra 3% comes from a forced "integrity" constraint on the relationship of data with the same namespace, using a spatial relationship more openly apparent in xml. For example,

a.b=The Joker

Using properties, there is no constraint relationships like xml (for ex: alike superheroes or originals)




The difference in xml is the encompassing syntax which excludes data outside the descendant structures while properties only has a time-line "before" or "after" relationship. so in the above property example, when does one decide to take it above for the Batman-Batgirl relationship and when does it decide bottom for the Superman-Supergirl example; and what if i place "a.b=The Joker" on top. Does Batgirl become a bad girl?

If an "after" relationship is maintained, then Batgirl would not be partnered with Batman (creating a possible & separate memory-intensive branch) as with Superman-Supergirl if constraints are Not enforced by XML encompassing.

I suppose one could do this to encompass:

but then what is the text value of a.b now? Batman or Superman? It's workable but messy syntax.

and what about:

a.b=Lux Luther

so is it Batman-Batgirl-Superman or Superman-Kypronite-Lux Luther?

One could do this but then this is becoming more like xml >

a.b=Lux Luther

*This assumes your implementation allows for processing of values with the same property names. (ie. ini4j)

[So if you have hierarchical data with duplicate namespaces, xml is the one for you]

Would Math be different on another planet?

So, if u google why a circle has 360 degrees, the quick answer is that it takes about 360 days to do 1 revolution around the sun. So, on venus for example, would the circle degrees by different? or rather should we change the time or use Earth time?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My dream commute...

... is to walk across the hall to my mini-office in my apt (I even think if I had an office in the same residential bldg - like some building management office workers is too much), haha. Some ppl's dream commute is to walk to work. I think walking is overrated. Just get up and start working in your apt. I recommend it!