Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ask yourself why you deserve to be Trump,...

then look at the homeless man, and ask why he deserves to take your place.

* if you think it's a weird statement, this has implications of donation & rich/poor

would you give up your "entire" house, give the keys to someone on the street, and move yourself onto their spot on the corner of 5th and elm?

I have heard of families giving up 50% (their big house to a small condo, or a millionaire of most of their fortune, but *what of their "future" giving. Of course, if this propagates by example, then it's a fulfillment of "your" life.

The implications is when the 99% ask. Sure, it's only 10k more but x1000 employees, it heavily weighs on any tycoon.

And so what u might say; well - it's about "competition": of 1 billionaire to best their next. And you may say gold fixtures its *trite. NO, it's about LEADERSHIP/CONTROL. [The quality of GOOD Leadership that affects the majority of the citizens] = hint, hint > OWS (there is a reason!)

Just think, if you as middle-class gave up 50+% of your income, would you afford to give your offspring a "sweet 16 right of passage", or the ability to pursue a life of charity, etc. [why should a broken man of maybe *drugs/bad judgement* take your material resources - maybe they *won't do better?!

Tithing (15%) - (look when the spiritual has to meet the realistic!) is a good proportion for *MOST* people. Do you think most ppl will do Better buy feeling good giving over 50% of their income to a homeless when they can do "life" 'BEAUTY' by taking a guitar class and enriching life via their creativity. - but give them a Chance!

So, in a capitalistic economy, is it better to give 100% of your wealth to the lower to see if they create a "holistic" better economy? Or better to create more scientific methods (goods & services) that INCLUDE all? [Scientific vs Emotional]

Both are EMPIRICAL. But we *don't live w.o a *body*. Yes, we need the *spirit* but is there a world w.o a "body"?

Difficult. Give by your Heart!

OT: Personally, I'm *not concern with who's leading, the rich can keep ruling, just find a way to propagate the materialistic living that you enjoy!

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