Thursday, February 28, 2013

Actionable items for Groupon

Groupon has 3 choices: 1) have fb buy them 2) buy FourSquare (social) 3) buy Yelp (search)

It's not even what Groupon can do, it has to hope FB does search right so Goog will back off on offers, so margins are better. 

Maybe this is why Git Rebase is so confusing?

The Basic Rebase section: way too verbose and separately confusing. 

Why can't they just say, instead of creating a separate commit with the msg "Merge branch [x] with branch [y]", it simply RE-uses/shifts the commit of the branch point on the checked out branch to the head of the other branch? (I reduced several paragraphs into 1 line)

this one has a better rebase description:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Key points for a Icelandic trip

1) Have whale
2) Have icelandic horse (#2 on food list)
3) The Northern lights is very temperamental (1 guy tried 7 times - clouds). If it happens, it happens.
4) Reykjavik is a very small city. If your hotel is 1.1 miles away, it's in the suburbs!
5) Don't plan a whole day on the blue lagoon. It's on the way to the airport (15 mins away).
6) Reykjavik cab fare is $120 (45 mins away from airport)

Monday, February 4, 2013

please use 'ps -A'

instead of 'ps -e'. The 'e' is ambiguous even though it sounds like 'environment', it's not always. Use 'A' for "ALL".