Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The courage of Elon Musk

instead of incessantly repeating itself (goog still just search, fb just social network - after all their changes)

Elon Musk has the bravery to attempt entirely new things:

paypal > tesla > space x

I admire Elon Musk's courage!

binoculars & monitors (the same specs)

*This may need some tweaking

5*40 binocular (5x zoom & 40/5 = 8mm girth)
1280 * 1024 by 17" screen

1) zoom (5x) == resolution (1280*1024)
2) pupil diameter (40mm implicit) == screen diagonal (17" diag)

efficiency in fitting demand & supply

Do you think there's more ppl than jobs or more jobs (things to accomplish in human feats) than there are ppl in the world (universe) to do?

This efficiency question plays into Einstein's quote (that imagination is more important than knowledge). & related to this query: are all those nations that invest in mathematical prowess in a significant portion of their population over-investing? Could it be better used in isolating these mathletes and working to perfect their skill?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why there is no css positioning support in gmail & outlook

I never read the heavy or technically convoluted explanations of how ms office 2010 ended outlook support for divs.

But here's where I think support ended from a more business perspective:

An email is essentially just a "push" message; the same inheritance of SMS texts or social posts. So, essentially it's fundamentally core to the act of communication. During this evolving phase, implementors have attempted to inject more sophistication into the art. One way is that they attempted to just push entire web sites into your email, etc.

That's good or bad, depending on potentially nefarious intentions, etc.

Anyway, Microsoft wanted a part of the action. Their claim to fame is the OS + Office. So, if the future of communication is via [divs] or html standards; well they can't have it. Microsoft's goal is to allow it's .doc files to be easily converted into email content. [thus, they removed css-positioning from their outlook msg clients]

So, how does this explain Gmail's lack of support?
Gmail also had it's complement of gdoc ecosystems that would be negated if the sophistication can be done elsewhere. (aka the plethora of html txt editors) - & they become just another delivery agent.

in-built webpage editors (make the panel big! or Fail!)

a web-based content management system w.o a full editor (aka, toolbar/full-screen) is doomed for failure.

1) not meant for editing - just cutting-n-pasting
2) if just cut-n-paste, why not just have a file input control (since all editing done in outside txt NotePads anyway)
3) hard to integrate a full hierarchical reference support to code
    a) can just do a namespacing system via a single separator-delimited breadcrumb but there's disadvantages to a full-fledge system of relationships between a series of names (aka, hierarchical tree of names)
    b) reason is that naming conventions go with new users. They get lazy in re-iterating the same prefixes so the structure is broken and no longer used. So, variations in names are introduced and the hierarchy is weakened for more stylish language elements (and the confusion it introduces)