Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jennifer's Body

This has got to be the worst movie I saw. Officially worst than 1) Killbots 2) Alligator 2

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chinese Chess vs Indian Chess

I tried once to play Chinese chess and I don't get it. It seems Indian chess is more complex. Perhaps I misinterpreted the rules?

OT: my sister is not a smart person, but she mentions how she's mentally exhausted after playing me. That's not saying much, since i routinely get crushed by better players.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why does Peyton Manning always have a concern look on his face?

Is the nuclear bomb responsible for the American middle-class

A lot of ppl say the key to wealth is real property: the threat of nuclear annihilation force ppl to spread along a 2D plane over a 3D blast (remind us of something). For purposes of convenience, ownership was better in a house type. It wasn't the car (or was it)? Think about it. Ford made cars in the 20s and we didn't grow as much suburbs as we do now. The energies of preservation overcame other inertias.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lamenting weather service options

I once had this project; if I had to do it again, I would have used the farmer's almanac to give projections in conjunction w. NOAA data. You see, the issue was that Yahoo Weather or noaa only gave 7 days of forecast and the events took longer than 7 days to set up. I had suggested guerilla events but that didn't take. So, my plan is to given accurate 7 day weather and after 7 days, well, who "really" knows. No one has maps for beyond 7 days.

Rash of Emails around 6pm

Could it be the fluorescent light taking effect. I personally don't like a light bulb in my face; I rather work in a subdued lighting environment like a bar or the office in Ally McBeal.

Frustrating eTrac Commuter Card

When I use in the nyc subways, I have to enter the transaction type as "credit" but I swear that thing is a "debit" card because it doesn't let me purchase metrocards pass my balance.

Yet another Doomsday scenario (not really)

So this is like Octopussy. What if a terrorist explodes a nuclear bomb near a central oil refinery in Saudi Arabia. The shock would reverberate thru the pipelines, starting fires and destroying a good piece of the world's energy infrastructure. Of course, the stock market will crash, the economy would be crippled for a lack of energy. Meanwhile, a simultaneous threat to do the same on a G8 nation (probably a city) is made. So, ppl would panic and attempt to flee the cities. The threat creates the vicious downward cycle as the same instrument of distribution needed to spread out is at a shortage; in effect disabling the G8 nations current state of existence.

This is a safer alternative to bombing a city for the terrorists and brings us back to the Octopussy theme. The oil fields are nuked, who is the US going to bomb; Saudi Arabia??? The terrorists win because forces would have to be mobilized for the state of emergency in the homelands. This may take months. And the world is not the same again.

Traditional cultures & marriage

I was wondering what happens to couples that don't immediately get hitched in traditional cultures. Is it ok for them to later get married? Please let me know.

Full/Double vs Twin

This is 1 case of the worse names. Does "twin" mean meant for 2? Or is "double"? Or do I need 2 doubles to make up 1 full? No, I need 2 twins to make 1 full. It's just different perspectives.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Disconnect

So, the premise by the Dems was that health = economy because it could contain ballooning medicare costs in the future. But WHERE was the focus on Preventative care that will reduce medicare as ppl get old. It appears to be more of a PR issue/campaign that was solved the issue. Don't we all know a vice-president somewhere with a health plan and smokes/not exercise because of the stress of the job? How's that going to help this person who may need lung cancer treatment at retirment and medicare pays for it??

Again with Balance: sometimes u need to listen to what the public says but sometimes you need to NOT listen to them. Because somethings leaders are wrong and somethings ppl are wrong. So choose you leaders well, and for leaders choose you immediate team well. Here the leaders are doing the wrong thing in listening to ppl and NOT listening. Some immediate examples may be Obama's quick move to appease the public with maybe over-regulation of the finance industry. Imo, that is not necessary.

So, here is the disconnect: that it's good for ppl to have health insurance even after losing their job. Well, if it was easy to get a 2nd job, then you can just get the 2nd health insurance. Duh. And for some reason, hc is staggered over 10 years when immediate demands are for something to do NOW.

Which brings the question: why do ppl care more for something short-term vs a long-term overhaul that will affect to many things to come?
- I believe the answer is that health is more of a stagnate thing; that most ppl are healthy for the most part. Sure they should be eating healthier, etc. But economy is what they are doing Now and time is a wasting (on their Life - lost of a year or two : and a lot of ppl need structure and can't create it for themselves - it's hard). Empirically, it's the society (economy) vs the body (self). Ppl like to interact with ppl and work for a cause (even if not own, but adopted). They are submitting to be part of society (group survival over self -unselfishness). Plus, it keeps for Mental health as the ability to find new opportunites creates happiness which by some experiments is related (via placebo maybe) to the bodily health of a person. I guess most Presidents would not want to deal w. the day to day operations of getting a steady rate. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can focus on the same conceptual designs on the economy that is done for things like healthcare. Long prosperous times have been based on technological progress: ie. the internet, Star wars, bronze, etc. I doesn't just have to be boring like interest rates, etc.

Ultimately, in 1-1.5 years we should revisit the health debate: perhaps we will be ready for it by then. :)

Balance is the key (most of the time)

Sometimes, it's good to be extreme and the occassion calls for it. Like if a bear attacks you. For Obama, it's great to see he's getting the balance treatment. Ppl say we should celebrate not just tolerant our cultural differences. Of course, on the other end is that we should be blind to them: that a person's ability to fulfill their job should be outside of their ethnicity. It works for his eloquence too. He got elected partly for his enchanting speeches but a good # of ppl made mention of the lack of substance of "implementation". One of my friends made that remark before he got elected. For me, it was that historical pivotness that I thought was the key; making a statement. Now, after a year; it's good to see that's not the focus but his ability to find the current And Future desires/needs of Americans. Now, that's progress.

Ps. I was never swept up by Obama's eloquence as a counterbalance to Bush's obtuseness (as evidenced by the query of most citizens on Obama's Nobel award - maybe jsut Europeans love for him). For me, that would be going from 1 extreme to another. We went too to the right, now it's too to the left. Anyone heard of Balance! Why isn't there 3 parties (1 for liberals, moderates, and conservatives)? It was choice between voting for something historic & blue-collar practical vs wretched old practical/somewhat righted man & inexperience soccer mom. So, and it's complicated......

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Motorola S805 Bluetooth headphones shoddy

The above item is shoddily made. It's weak pt. is the headband grips to the earmuffs. It's held together by 4 weak screws on both ends. I would not recommend this product unless your replacement timeframe is 7 months.

Rebuilding Haiti

Not really sure why there aren't resorts in Haiti that one sees in Jamaica. Sure, won't help everything but will bring in some money. Supposedly, the Clintons spend there honeymoon there in the 1970s so something happened there to throw out the resorts. Location-wise, it's like a trip to DR, which is increasing as a resort location.

The resorts can help improve bldg standards.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Yahoo supports Opera in its pages

No wonder they are where they are at. Opera! Europeans don't use Opera. (at least not the english) I think.

Jerry Garcia

I'm listening to him for the 1st time and I think I know why there are "DeadHeads".

Secondary Key to Prosperity in US

Could the dual function of internationalization of surgery (unnecessary ones) and the augmentation of substandard (lowering Fed mins) preventative care (for the uninsured & all citizens actually) be the secondary bottleneck to future years of prosperity. For now, it's the operation on terror but that "potentially" will be done in 1 1/2 years. Will see.

Always query a leaders understanding of mechanisms

Before accepting their promises of "efficiency". Like if the mayor of a city says that they can lower taxes because of inefficiences in gov't. Of course they won't give details because their competitors will steal it. BUT you can get a sense from their previous actions/and how they view/perceive the world.

1 possibly-related/prominent example: 1st bush - "Read My Lips; No New Taxes".

The fault here is that they don't know the situation before they make those comments. Rather, we should analyze their fundamental understanding of the workings of the state.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saving energy thru Google - Cuil + 2

One problem with Cuil is that it looks terrible. Supposedly, we can save a lot of energy if Google goes black. But white screens look better. I remember there was the Netscape portal (which used to be a white backgrd, and visually it was contrastful. Now, it's evergreen green: more homely.

Perhaps Google can go to a night sky (much like the original Netscape browser w. the desert vista). The stars would go a long way to making Cuil actually "cool"; at least in visual appearance.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Terminators in the sky, blah

I'm more afraid of the digitized medical record system we will have in the next few years than the gps/camera surveillance/predator drones. Strange, sure they can follow me to the ends of the earth but they don't know what's going on in my brain.

African animals in the northern US

What do they do with those elephants in the safari in nj when it gets cold? If the trend of farmland going back to forests continue, perhaps we can import African creatures to the US and start national parks here. They would be supported by tourism. Guess they have that already with Busch Gardens, etc: but like real national parks.

Waiting for Google Netbook

I got this ASUS XP home netbook and it feels like windows. Looking forward to the Apple Tablet or google netbook.

I have no resolutions

For some reason, i can't wait for the year to be over? good 2011 before the madness of 2012? Palin, oh lord. Bring on the Olympics; i like Vancouver.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

is it just me or am I missing something

How come the method descriptions for org.w3c.Node for setTextContent() and getTextContent() are the same?