Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Preventative Care

Yes, potentially the new health plan may transfer energies to primary care physicians so that in the long run (possibly) the expensive surgeries won't be needed. However, i believe it will take 2wice as long to see improvements over an energy plan which has certaintly involved. We will lose $ when we first start because all those 30 mil americans will have to be more expensively repaired. True, if an energy plan implemented wrong it will lose $ but the probability is less versus a cultural shift towards greater health attitudes. True, we might be poorer but the experience might be more enriching if we were just healthier and that's why we attempt to do it. Just hope that our attitudes on taking care of ourselves will also take care of the environment; for economy it will be longer, inadvertently for security perhaps.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Age Progression

It's perfect:
singles - kid learning world thru material things
teens - finds love/opposite sex under adult supervision
20's - finds love/opposite sex by themselves
30's - adult supervising kid (cycle)
40's - adult supervising teen (cycle)
50's - adult supervising 20's (marrying)
60's - retirement, ready for grandkids (singles)
(end of cycle)
70's - old granny to kid's teens
80's - growing more faint but there to see kid's kids marry
Deviations abound

Friday, November 27, 2009

Saving Polar Bears

How about collecting plastics we throw away to make floating islands for polar bears (so they don't drown) to save them. In winter, the Arctic Ocean freezes over and the polar bears hibernate. The plastic "islands" would then be frozen along with the H2O. In the summer as the ice melts, the floating islands provide a resting place for the bears on the hunt. Perhaps there could be big enough islands for science platforms or tourism?

Pass Health, Then Move On (Energy)

So, the economic recovery (jobs) will be delayed 6 months for health, heh? I guess it's worth the respect for those trying to pass universal health for the past 25 years and I respect that. I actually am for that because it helps much and there is still time to colate an energy component to it. It's the internationalization of health (and fuel gets us to India/Thailand for major surgeries - for the poorer/cheaper). Primary care would still need to be given in the states. So, the focus should be on preventative/holistic care. The health plan can potentially also reduce it's price tag from the implicit health synergies from more productive workers who do receive primary care. However, no new jobs (or net cost) will be created by the health plan. The private administrators that invalidate health claims would be diverted to gov't bureaucrats to ensure compliance. So, new doctors would have to be trained but their sustenance would have to be compensated by the efficiency of the workers previously not getting health insurance (in an increasing taxed commodity market - higher oil prices, etc). Investing in a new energy infrastructure creates jobs that actually reduce the costs of commodities as they prices rise. More jobs = less needed to be subsidized by gov't incentives.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sony HD Camera/LCD tv Myth

I think it’s a myth that a sony tv interprets a sony img better (from a sony camera). Sure, they may have an inside track but sometimes it’s possible for a Samsung engineer to have an inside track on how sony codes the img signal. Sometimes internal bureaucracies prevent full cooperation. Outlook/IE/Office is all made by Microsoft but their integration value is questionable.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Branch Brook Park and Cherry Blossom Festival

Nice place to be in the Spring.

Advice on UGGs

The reason uggs feel so good is because it wraps your ankles and top of your feet in velvetly warmth. Those 2 body parts are sensitive (think Archilles). I have a UGG boot with only the sole as soft part = not as good.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween parade and Rain

It sucks. Umbrellas open up and can't see much. And you're wet. I marched but can imagine. Great robot i saw.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nice Cars

What’s a good list (maybe wiki) of all the nicest cars? Maybe sorted on price?

Rotary Engines and safety

If a rotary engine car got into an accident, what are the chances that the engine would fly out like a boomerang and hurt ppl?

Why is a city block longer in 1 axis over another?

The answer has a connection to the width of the road servicing the block. For nyc, to go with the longer part of the block, there's an inverse relationship to the width of the road. So in nyc, on the long side of the block, the road is narrow. Just imagine if the long roads had more width; it would be impossible to go crosstown. That's because the smaller width streets would be clogged up with people's business (double parked cars, etc - whatever reason ppl have to stop/park their cars) & ppl trying to get crosstown. At least, if it was traversal, a driver has more options to go crosstown rather than being funneled thru fewer cross streets.

Note: the stoppage aspect of cross-streets would still be there. Rather, it would just be easier for those in constant motion going cross-town and the actual usage of the available bandwidth of drivers going uptown.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cash for Clean Diesel

Cash for Clean Diesel: infrastructure already in gas stations. Natural gas for civil trucks, then replace old diesel trucks. Nat. gas pipelines to California. Will provide power for power plants to run electric cars there. Rest of nat. gas goes on boats to China. This is reduce some dependence to MidEast oil but won't completely as that's ok. Interested parties want American interest there anyway.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tempur-Pedic and the economy

Tempur-Pedic stock keeps rising. Are ppl buying because of sleepless nights and they don't want to wake out their spouse? Wow, shouldn't seen that coming.

1 vs 2; why we have 2 kidneys

Many ppl have wondered. But let's start going down list of organs.
1) Why 2 feet [functional to interact w. world] - so, spiritually you can say one leg is inside while the other is in touch with the world. Functionally, it's just how locomotion works: 1 step stable, 1 step to future.
2) Two hands as human advancement over 4 leggers (humans need hands to do more adv. stuff)
3) Eyes - greater depth perception
4) Ears - again greater echolocation
5) 1 Brain/1 heart/1 Bladder/1 spine.

*1 vs 2 can be explained in their fundamental empiricality.
The key is the focus of the concept. A) Mental thoughts is a singular/directed path and does not require duality. B) There's only 1 trachea/penis (leading to/from 2 lungs/kidneys) because of the fluidity of the "gases/liquids". The functional is 1 direction/but the fluidity allows for the organs to play well with the symmetric nature of the human legs (for human motion).

C) so why is the stomach/colon only 1? Because food is generally solid and it's lack of "fluidity" causes imbalance in the symmetrically system of the legs. Imagine if the burger is lopsided to your left-side; you would be walking in circles. I understand you can say the same about 1 bladder but you can view a body of urine NOT as fluid of air coming in and out of you lungs (over the 3rd dimension of time). So, if you were sleeping on your side, if you had 2 bladders, 1 may fill up and then when u walk, you would walk in circles. But with air, like it's in and out in 2 seconds.

So, nothing is more pure than thought (so only 1 brain is needed), when u interact with the world you need 2 (2 eyes/ears/hands/legs), fluidity interjects in the uni-directional nature of our involvement with air/water and branches out from 1 trachea to 2 lungs. And we take a step back with the complexity of solids within our bodies to just 1 digestive tract.

Please feel free to elaborate (or place another perspective) on the subject. I'm still at my infancy of this idea.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chorus of Obama comments

Add to the chorus the Simpsons and the New York Post. South Park was the first I saw with the Coon episode. That was in March 2009. Now, SNL and Leno (prob. his supporters) have room to chide him a bit. Where's the love?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gov't as inertia breaker, not manager

So, the health care plan (some of it) passed the Senate. That's good. I want universal health care for all. However, the funding comes out of 2 main sources it looks like (a) tax the rich - ok by me? (b) savings from efficiencies in the health mgmt process- I'm not sure the gov't is the best at this???

Gov't should only break the inertia and let the private market handle non-nation essential stuff. Guess health is nation-essential but that means expense. Ok w. that but US needs inertia busting initiatives to help fund this. I heard France was broke on hc but still find $ to pay for it. Canada is smaller, etc, etc.

US is in a different situation with it's spread out burbs, far from neighboring nations, large minority pops, etc.

Problem w. US as saudi arabia of nat gas to China

China themselves wouldn't want to be fully dependent on US nat gas to run their economy. Maybe only 30%. So, we still have to have Obama fund clean diesel, nat gas for trucks (for now), nat gas pipelines to west, electric cars in Cali. Little by little but they should have a plan.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Natural Gas infrasture for California wildfires and electric cars

Mr. Obama,

Can we have tax incentives for piping natural gas to the west coast which will allow for enough electricity to fund an electrical car infrastructure there. Also, it powers desalination plants to bring water to fight forest fires there. The natural gas can also be exported to China to run their automobile systems thereby reducing our cost to drive our gasoline vehicles.

This should reduce the $ to produce the excess medical workers for your health plan and create some jobs for the nat gas infrastructure. Lastly, the environment will thank you.

Revised Unemployment projections

I have thought about nat gas and it's potential influence so I'm projecting a lower (8.2%) by end of 2009. I'm optimistic about Obama's tax incentives for it (on infrastructure)

Boone Pickens plan must be failing

I tried to submit the idea and the site had first of all all these javascript bugs. Then on submit, there was a http 500 server error. Ha, dude. Listen to me. Read previous post.

Suggestion to Boone Pickens


Since we seem unmotivated to make a nat gas infrastructure (maybe due to Saudi oil influences), consider investing in a Chinese nat. gas infrastructure. The deferments equal the same benefits to the environment and creates jobs. While we would still have to protect Saudi interests, that's just how they want it. It's ok since we need to defer Iranian nuclear interests. We just don't want Chinese interests there nor do I believe the Saudi's want it. They prefer American protection.

Natural Gas

So, it appears that the US has tons of nat gas. I say ship it to China (along w. coal) and build a nat gas transport infrastructure there. Then gasoline will be cheaper here. since we don't seem to want to start selling nat cars here: boon pickens, ah em.

California Wildfires

How can ppl continue live in the region if wildfires happen year-round? Seems like new population growth should happen around the western Appalachia region.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Satellite TV

Why can't all tall bldgs leverage their roof tops for Dish or DirectV?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Off-Beat economic indicators

We all heard of the underwear indicator, but I'm smelling more scents from the steakhouse below my bldg. More burners fired up = better economy. 2 weeks ago, i saw a long-line to the museum of sex. Another indicator??

Mayan 2012 - Yellowstone connection?

Mayan 2012 - is it YellowStone MegaVolcano? Geologist say it's 600,000 cycles is overdue (by 4,000 years). Won't end the earth, just change it like dinosaurs/mammals.

Argentinian Beef

Argentinian beef must be the best since the Andes are taller than the Rockies. Right? Himalyas don't count because there are so many Indians/Chinese, not enough to raise a meaty cow.
Intel is now just 2nd rate.

Intel: an opportunity missed

Intel had a chance to be the king of the software/internet business but gave it up by not purchasing Apple when it had the chance. Now Google & Apple are king and Microsoft is fighting to stay in there. We could have had OS X on the PC. Nuts!

Energy plan complex; 1 part - CVTs

Obama should put more research in CVTs. They cut transmission power lost by10-15% => extra energy. Problem seems to be quality issues and maybe more science can alleviate this deficiency.

How much gigabyte expandibility should I have?

Of course it depends on your app or the type of memory; but is 8GB max enough for a 64bit os? Some Dells desktops go up to 192GB. Some 72, some 24, some 48, 16, etc. I need a matrix of apps/memory type/quantity of memory. Can someone do this for me?


Does anyone think that the Administration (or the CIA) has some plan to do what they did w. a surge in Iraq? They didn't tell the news (or Obama) what they intended for the 20,000 mere troops in a "surge" but was very effectively used in 1 spot to fight a strategic battle against insurgents which set the trend across areas around baghdad.
The unemployment rate realistically goes to 11% next year but w. China's influence and banking reform, it will effectively going to 8 or 9% (more like 8.8 or something) Next year from ~10% this year. This is if Obama doesn't do something to create "real" jobs. Something radical like the internet. I say energy.
Obama wants to close guantanamo bay. Just move it to the continental 48 states (one which has high employment and could use the $ for hiring security). Solution solved.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

energy = 4 pillars of good

This would be my message to Obama right now. You know he's in trouble when those for him before (SNL & Leno, etc) are now making fun of his policies.

STOP FOCUSING on Health! The resistance is from ppl who don't want to pay for others (and & mistakes?). Focus ON ENERGY. Doctors will be there from India/Thailand. Planes will take them there = ENERGY. ENERGY = pulling out oil interested from Middle East = Security. LASTLY, energy = ENVIRONMENT. And creates jobs = ECONOMY. ENERGY = HEALTH, SECURITY, ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMY.