Friday, November 27, 2009

Saving Polar Bears

How about collecting plastics we throw away to make floating islands for polar bears (so they don't drown) to save them. In winter, the Arctic Ocean freezes over and the polar bears hibernate. The plastic "islands" would then be frozen along with the H2O. In the summer as the ice melts, the floating islands provide a resting place for the bears on the hunt. Perhaps there could be big enough islands for science platforms or tourism?

Pass Health, Then Move On (Energy)

So, the economic recovery (jobs) will be delayed 6 months for health, heh? I guess it's worth the respect for those trying to pass universal health for the past 25 years and I respect that. I actually am for that because it helps much and there is still time to colate an energy component to it. It's the internationalization of health (and fuel gets us to India/Thailand for major surgeries - for the poorer/cheaper). Primary care would still need to be given in the states. So, the focus should be on preventative/holistic care. The health plan can potentially also reduce it's price tag from the implicit health synergies from more productive workers who do receive primary care. However, no new jobs (or net cost) will be created by the health plan. The private administrators that invalidate health claims would be diverted to gov't bureaucrats to ensure compliance. So, new doctors would have to be trained but their sustenance would have to be compensated by the efficiency of the workers previously not getting health insurance (in an increasing taxed commodity market - higher oil prices, etc). Investing in a new energy infrastructure creates jobs that actually reduce the costs of commodities as they prices rise. More jobs = less needed to be subsidized by gov't incentives.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sony HD Camera/LCD tv Myth

I think it’s a myth that a sony tv interprets a sony img better (from a sony camera). Sure, they may have an inside track but sometimes it’s possible for a Samsung engineer to have an inside track on how sony codes the img signal. Sometimes internal bureaucracies prevent full cooperation. Outlook/IE/Office is all made by Microsoft but their integration value is questionable.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Branch Brook Park and Cherry Blossom Festival

Nice place to be in the Spring.

Advice on UGGs

The reason uggs feel so good is because it wraps your ankles and top of your feet in velvetly warmth. Those 2 body parts are sensitive (think Archilles). I have a UGG boot with only the sole as soft part = not as good.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween parade and Rain

It sucks. Umbrellas open up and can't see much. And you're wet. I marched but can imagine. Great robot i saw.