Thursday, December 1, 2011

The case against iterating w.o a holistic plan

So, there's a bunch of evidence that in the face of needing to get the job done with *no concept of how; just do it (case in point - writing this article right now)

I agree, that's just bc there's all those fools that procrastinate and let their basic emotions run their avoidance lives. *I probably practice the definition of insanity a bit here too.

Case 1:
I tell u to break down a reinforced concrete wall. You can
a) use your head and keep smashing it on the wall til it collapses
b) take 1 hour out of your way, go to the nearest catepillar store and get a bulldozer

Case 2:
you are 500 ft from finishing a triatholon, your walking muscles fail. U can
a) attempt to stand upright and continue race by expending energy vertically
b) crawl (utilizing energy to fulfill the race track's horizontal requirement)

Otherwise, iterate like hell and learn from your baby steps (like if you didn't have a bulldozer, how minute angles of knocking your head will increase the chip of the wall, etc) - Remember the balance!

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