Friday, May 4, 2012

it's been 7 years since I heard "America needs to make TVs"

oh gosh, the supposed importance of america losing the television industry is so 80's! I hope this has changed.

Of course manufacturing is important to the US, but who cares if toasters are made here?? We just need to make sure that our weapons, sensitive equipment, medical, etc are still internal capable. If China stops selling us toasters, oh well, we can scrounge around enough in eBay. Now if we can't get commercial airliners from China, then we can't take trips to Europe.

The 5 categories still in US. (you may have a different perspective or naming categorization but..)
1) Gov't
2) Natural Resources/Farming
3) Services/Medical/Pop-Culture
4) Information-Based Knowledge
5) Key-Level Manufacturing

Note: each category not equally proportioned.

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