Sunday, July 29, 2012

in-built webpage editors (make the panel big! or Fail!)

a web-based content management system w.o a full editor (aka, toolbar/full-screen) is doomed for failure.

1) not meant for editing - just cutting-n-pasting
2) if just cut-n-paste, why not just have a file input control (since all editing done in outside txt NotePads anyway)
3) hard to integrate a full hierarchical reference support to code
    a) can just do a namespacing system via a single separator-delimited breadcrumb but there's disadvantages to a full-fledge system of relationships between a series of names (aka, hierarchical tree of names)
    b) reason is that naming conventions go with new users. They get lazy in re-iterating the same prefixes so the structure is broken and no longer used. So, variations in names are introduced and the hierarchy is weakened for more stylish language elements (and the confusion it introduces)

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