Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Most Probable Doomsday Scenario - very rare

So you probably read all the hoax/debunk sites on 2012:

Well, the less popular option of a super-volcano caldera exploding seems to have been missed (or muted). Perhaps because it's !not pinned to some date (aka 12/21/2012 +- 60 days on each side, etc)

BUT, what if it was? But how is it related to universe alignment you may ask?...

True, scientists have mention that Milky Way galactic alignment with Earth occurs frequently w.o any incident, but OUTSIDE alignment of the MW with another galaxy, or universe. (the infinity principle) - so only aliens would know.

The is 1 Mayan stone missing that may have revealed the actual prophecy. (how convenient).

*So, the summation is that energies derived from an universe alignment unknown to homo sapien technology diverts waves thru the sun which diverts the crust positions of the Earth which weakens the caldera (causing a super-eruption) which wipes out ~1/3 (i guess) of the world, etc

Sticking Points:
1) Why did the aliens !not informed the afro-judeo-christian-muslim-hindu-asian cultures
2) If the prophecy is so bad, why was it located just in 1 stone. Why was it not propagated in multiple messages?

1) the Mayan calendar started in 3114BC around when the Sahara dried up and transformed all ppl to live near the Nile and create the new Egyptian Civilization.
2) they recently found the volcano that they think exploded around ~600 AD which caused the Dark Ages?

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  1. The below post is !not a true debunk, only saying it's rare. The connection to end 2012/early 2013 is with planetary alignment.

    The article only considers human technology - not considering the extremely small chance of intelligent life in the universe advising us: