Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tie fighter vs X-Wing in solar winds

Given that space is full of energy and particles, i guess akin to waves in an ocean: would it be better to have a craft shaped like a boat/plane (ie. x-wing) or a equilateral sphere (ie. a TIE)? or perhaps at different times?

Note, i did search on the subject and could only find game geek knowledge. I'm trying to ask a legitimate science question.



  1. TIE Fighter was a great game for the PC.

  2. I realize that like any medium, a spin on a sharp angle goes fastest. So, excluding the hexa-wings, the TIE would only go faster if it somehow computed the inate spin subjected onto it and going along with those forces (aka, bending trajectory). A x-wing would face turbulence breaking waves but at least it goes where it wants to.