Friday, May 14, 2010

Who should manage the cleanup (for the future)

Right now, it appears that the oil companies themselves run their own clean-up efforts. Sure, for every day they don't fix it, they risk bad reputation and loss of oil. But I don't think that's equal to the environmental disaster and well-being of communities off-shore. So I propose that insurance companies pay for the preparation/training/and hopefully use of operations relating to clean-up to companies managed by 2 entities: 1) The Shore Communities and 2) The Environmentalists. The shore folk will have jurisdiction to prevent oil have reaching shore while the environmentalists manage the waste miles off-shore. During times of preparation, the oil companies would be responsible for paying those 2 entities in training expenses.

Sure, the gov't can do it but they got enough to think about.

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  1. For the actual seal of a broken oil leak, that should be done by the company itself because only they would have the expertise to get out of their own technological mess. Or rather, have a system where the insurance $ goes to a competitor paid on the speed of the seal vs the hefty penalties if a re-break of the seal happens.