Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conveyor Belt Museum

So this idea is not new. Have u ever felt really tired from going to the museum? You ask yourself, I barely walked 2 day or really slowing at that. How can I be so tired? The answer is that the human body is Not designed for museums. It is built for running at a jogging pace to forage for new food/prey. Walking slow and at sideways direction causes non-evolutionary stress. And the mental energy involved to move our bodies thru other slow sideways bodies as well as mental energy absorbing the artifacts exhaust many.

So, how can we solve this. If ppl can sit down and have the art come to you. Note, this is impractical and will never catch on. It's simply not feasible compared to putting art in a big room and letting voyeurs weave their way thru their imaginations, the art, and other art lovers.

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