Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gov't as inertia breaker, not manager

So, the health care plan (some of it) passed the Senate. That's good. I want universal health care for all. However, the funding comes out of 2 main sources it looks like (a) tax the rich - ok by me? (b) savings from efficiencies in the health mgmt process- I'm not sure the gov't is the best at this???

Gov't should only break the inertia and let the private market handle non-nation essential stuff. Guess health is nation-essential but that means expense. Ok w. that but US needs inertia busting initiatives to help fund this. I heard France was broke on hc but still find $ to pay for it. Canada is smaller, etc, etc.

US is in a different situation with it's spread out burbs, far from neighboring nations, large minority pops, etc.

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  1. And how is he going to force the employee to pay when the employer says not enough? They would have to audit them like in their taxes. Better to just install at 10-20% health tax unless u can prove to IRS that u already have health insurance.