Friday, October 16, 2009

1 vs 2; why we have 2 kidneys

Many ppl have wondered. But let's start going down list of organs.
1) Why 2 feet [functional to interact w. world] - so, spiritually you can say one leg is inside while the other is in touch with the world. Functionally, it's just how locomotion works: 1 step stable, 1 step to future.
2) Two hands as human advancement over 4 leggers (humans need hands to do more adv. stuff)
3) Eyes - greater depth perception
4) Ears - again greater echolocation
5) 1 Brain/1 heart/1 Bladder/1 spine.

*1 vs 2 can be explained in their fundamental empiricality.
The key is the focus of the concept. A) Mental thoughts is a singular/directed path and does not require duality. B) There's only 1 trachea/penis (leading to/from 2 lungs/kidneys) because of the fluidity of the "gases/liquids". The functional is 1 direction/but the fluidity allows for the organs to play well with the symmetric nature of the human legs (for human motion).

C) so why is the stomach/colon only 1? Because food is generally solid and it's lack of "fluidity" causes imbalance in the symmetrically system of the legs. Imagine if the burger is lopsided to your left-side; you would be walking in circles. I understand you can say the same about 1 bladder but you can view a body of urine NOT as fluid of air coming in and out of you lungs (over the 3rd dimension of time). So, if you were sleeping on your side, if you had 2 bladders, 1 may fill up and then when u walk, you would walk in circles. But with air, like it's in and out in 2 seconds.

So, nothing is more pure than thought (so only 1 brain is needed), when u interact with the world you need 2 (2 eyes/ears/hands/legs), fluidity interjects in the uni-directional nature of our involvement with air/water and branches out from 1 trachea to 2 lungs. And we take a step back with the complexity of solids within our bodies to just 1 digestive tract.

Please feel free to elaborate (or place another perspective) on the subject. I'm still at my infancy of this idea.


  1. Here's a well-meaning & appears to be sound answer:

    With paired organs, you can lose one and function okay. If you lose 50% of your cardiac output, you'll die anyways, so there would be no benefit to having two. The liver can regenerate, so that's almost like having a backup!


    Then why do we have only 1 stomach? Would eating half as much kill us? We can potentially have 2 stomachs in case 1 fails? And by your logic, wouldn't we have 2 hearts; in case 1 fails. Please read my blog:

  2. Good pt will heart. Blood is liquid but moving it around the body is nearer to solids than urine. If urine is lopsided, guess ok. But if blood pressure is lop-sided, would walk in circles again. so, a 2 heart situation is not good if both hearts operate at different beats.

  3. But then what about the spleen, pancreas, liver, and gall bladder. Why is there only 1 of these. Could it be that related to the lopsided-ness of the digestive system, the liver/etc will produce the nutrients as the food moves along a certain pt of the intestinal system to counter-balance the weight. Doctors, please comment,

  4. Don't cows have four stomachs? Then again they have four legs, and female cows have four nipples. What's up with that?

  5. wait a minute, stomachs don't have to be symmetrical. Didn't u read my post correctly? Solid mass lopsides so it's not imperative to have 2. You can have as many as you want (or your bodily functions require).