Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Case for Inflection Point of Nuke and Suburbs: Part 2

Productivity: it's been said that the aforementioned gave us wealth (cars, house, 40hr workweek).

The problem is that historically, US productivity has steadily gone up from the WWII, yet the hours worked and wages have *not corresponding followed.

If only going by productivity #'s, we should be working 20 hour workweeks by now? .. (given suburbs have spread out enough) ..but we're not.

Is it expectations? gone up... (the all goods & services should be better - yet workhours have gone up in the 1980's). And ppl keep saying generation X is the 1st generation that will live worse than the previous.

if the productivity gains are distributed inequitable, why was it more so in the 1950s?

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