Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Notes about Facebook

It may come into news that fb was originally made for looking at girls. It was only after it de-emphasized photos that it became a friendship site. By focusing on ‘action’ instead of looks, it allowed the 80 percent of us to be involved. What’s more puzzling is how come it took so long to do delayed IM? Ok, before high-bandwidth, AOL dominated so social somewhat quelched by that. And of course can’t waste precious dial-up time not searching for a library of info. Then there was that dot-com correction.
Still more to explode here.


  1. Plus in 1998, cell phones took off (become mass public available so ppl were more focused on connecting that way). Also, due to low-bandwidth, uploading pictures was difficult; hence; no facebook.

  2. Imagine if MySpace focused on friends rather than building a online-persona. It would be like the late 90s/early 00's: AIM, ICQ, YIM, MSN. Now we have Facebook+++/Twitter--.