Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why has no one suggest an Even Sink Idea for the Titanic?

Over the litany of uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstances surrounding the titanic sinking, I wonder why no one has tried to wonder if the crew could have engineered a better outcome to the disaster?

1) No moonlight
2) No waves
3) Captain rushed to increase speed
4) California operator sleeping
5) Steel brittle

1) Even sink idea -> Since the bulkhead doors were closed, water was trapped at forward sections; causing ship to tilt over and snap, accelerating the sinking process. Perhaps if they engaged an even sink policy, it might have bought enough time (1 hour to the nearest Carpathia liner to come).
2) Impale the ship on the iceberg and ride on top of it?
3) ?? -> ??

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