Monday, April 12, 2010

Why musicans are bigger rock stars than graphic artists or culinary chefs

Music elevates humans to a whole new level. No where in nature is equable to human's sonic sophistication (a composition of a story/emotion thru a collection of sounds). Think about. There is visual beauty in mountains, a sunny day. For scents/food, sure we don't find a sauteed dishes (maybe via burn pig in forest fire). See, it is reproducible. Apples are more succulent right off the tree. Touch, we won't go there. Nature has audio; in the whisping of reeds of the grass but only human-made beauty can tell a story of human interaction/experience.

Movies are not included here but they utilized both visual and audio to tell a story. I guess now the interesting question now is how musicians fared vs movie actors in the age of silent film.


  1. I would put culinary chefs above painters also since they do contribute new dishes that nature can't provide. Sorry, artists. People can just go to a national park. :}

  2. Culinary chefs over painters. Nature can't create delicious dishes. Sorry artists, we can just go to a national park. :}

  3. With respect to silent films, it's on a different level, so comparing apples & oranges. Movie stars fulfill our ethereal needs while music meets the more primal need to mix sounds with concepts.