Friday, March 5, 2010

The current internet browser malaise

ie is a mess. Ie 6 is propriety, ie 7 is slow, and ie 8 has the stupid compatibility button (and not too useful accelerators). Ppl should only be using Firefox and Chrome. Safari is only in there for Apple. And Opera, opera! who uses Opera! If only Ie does what firefox/chrome does: have users that always gets the latest versions..


  1. If your clients are corporate types, sadly you may have to develop for this order: ie6, ff(latest), ie7. This might get better as office pcs are being upgraded but not sure if it depts will gloss over ie7 or vista?? If you clients are the whole internet, this order is best: ff (latest), ie 8/7, safari (for the apple users). Chrome is unique enough for ppl to bare the occassional breakdown.

  2. IE8 also stinks in another way: compatibility button. What browser says "Don't trust how I render html, please go back and render it in an older version". And the button is terrible. Can't hardly tell if it's on or off?