Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's ok for Silver (relatively)

Please don't be one of those ppl who insist on being the best. I guess it's a good attribute in certain times. Everything's got their place. But I feel the only place this is true is a live or death situation or good-nature competition. Have humility, be humble (if excellence is coming from an arrogance line of thought and not of celebration). It's similar to seriousness of jobs (the only ppl who should really take their jobs seriously are air-traffic controllers and emergency surgeons): and a lot of exceptions of course (ie. police officers in life n death situations). No joking here.

So, it's ok to be competitive. Close to being the best. It's like the olympic athletes. Imagine crying for .030 seconds. I guess it's ok. But it's also ok to give a good fight and accept this random fate got u; "this time"....

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