Sunday, January 24, 2010

Balance is the key (most of the time)

Sometimes, it's good to be extreme and the occassion calls for it. Like if a bear attacks you. For Obama, it's great to see he's getting the balance treatment. Ppl say we should celebrate not just tolerant our cultural differences. Of course, on the other end is that we should be blind to them: that a person's ability to fulfill their job should be outside of their ethnicity. It works for his eloquence too. He got elected partly for his enchanting speeches but a good # of ppl made mention of the lack of substance of "implementation". One of my friends made that remark before he got elected. For me, it was that historical pivotness that I thought was the key; making a statement. Now, after a year; it's good to see that's not the focus but his ability to find the current And Future desires/needs of Americans. Now, that's progress.

Ps. I was never swept up by Obama's eloquence as a counterbalance to Bush's obtuseness (as evidenced by the query of most citizens on Obama's Nobel award - maybe jsut Europeans love for him). For me, that would be going from 1 extreme to another. We went too to the right, now it's too to the left. Anyone heard of Balance! Why isn't there 3 parties (1 for liberals, moderates, and conservatives)? It was choice between voting for something historic & blue-collar practical vs wretched old practical/somewhat righted man & inexperience soccer mom. So, and it's complicated......

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